Products and Equipment

Liddell Leasing Corp. is a rental and material supplier of traffic control equipment and safety devices. We also perform Traffic Control Services to the road construction industry.

  • Portable Variable Message Boards

  • Portable Arrow Boards

  • Portable Speed Limit Trailers

  • Portable Light Towers

  • Portable Temporary Traffic Signals

  • Trailer-Mounted Attenuators MASH

  • Truck-Mounted Attenuators MASH

  • Traffic Control Setup Trucks

  • Temporary Impact Attenuators Capable of Redirection and Incapable of Redirection MASH

  • Reflectorized Drums

  • Type A Flashing Lights

  • Type B Hi Intensity Lights

  • Sequential Lights

  • Water Barriers

  • Temporary Barriers: Standard, Limited, and Minimum Deflection, TL-3 & TL,4 MASH

  • Pedestrian Barricades: ADA Compliant

  • Type I, Type II, & Type III Barricades

  • Traffic Cones Reflectorized: 18-inch, 28-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch

  • Anti-Glare Screens

  • Barrier Wall Delineators

  • Sand-Filled Crash Barrels

  • Portable Rumble Strips

  • Speed Bumps

  • Traffic Control Services

  • Route & Regulatory Signs, Street Signs, Guide Signs

  • Sign Posts and Hardware: Permanent and Temporary

  • Safety Vests and Flags

  • Temporary Barrier MASH-Compliant Test Level 3 and Test Level 4

SafeZone Barrier Systems

Liddell Leasing - SafeZone Barrier Systems

SafeZone™ is a premium road safety system, based on modular elements.

The flexible and lightweight barrier is made of extremely robust hot dip galvanized steel, optimally combining robustness with flexibility. SafeZone™ elements are very easy to connect, offering ultra-quick placement.

Liddell Leasing - SafeZone Barrier Systems

SafeZone is the only steel barrier approved for MASH TL-3, MASH TL-3 Limited Deflection, MASH TL-4, MASH TL-4 Limited Deflection. SafeZone is the leading MASH TL-4 Limited Deflection approved temporary barrier on the market.

This lightweight temporary steel barrier is a premium road safety system. The flexible yet robust barrier has an expected lifespan of over 20 years and is very easy to connect, resulting in ultra-quick placement.

Liddell Leasing - SafeZone Barrier Systems

With ultra-quick placement, SafeZone is the easiest deployable temporary steel barrier on the market. Just drop one barrier element over the connector of the previous and fix the pre-installed bolt.

This ensures the sections to remain securely fastened at all times in just a few easy steps.

BarrierGuard 800

Liddell Leasing BarrierGuard 800 steel barrier and temporary road barrier

BarrierGuard 800 is a lightweight, energy absorbing and longitudinal steel barrier for temporary or permanent installation.

Installation is made quick and easy with our unique Quick Linking System, which links barriers together in just two simple steps.

BarrierGuard 800 saves costs on transportation, limits the impact on the environment, and is fully recyclable.

Liddell Leasing BarrierGuard 800 steel barrier and temporary road barrier
BarrierGuard 800

BarrierGuard 800 needs limited anchoring, and a variety of anchoring options are available to suit each possible placement location.

BarrierGuard 800 can be used as a barrier to protect road workers or to divert drivers. Because it is lightweight, it can be used for many different applications.

Portable Traffic Signals

North America Traffic provides temporary traffic signals, portable traffic signals, and other trailer-mounted, automated traffic signaling devices.

North America Traffic's work zone traffic control devices are compliant with both MUTCD and NEMA TS-5 standards, with large full color display, easy to read menus and intuitive setup procedures.

These temporary traffic control systems are engineered to withstand the most extreme weather conditions (wind, snow, rain and heat), and are tested and approved to meet MUTCD wind load requirements.

For remote locations, North America Traffic signals include solar-charged battery power for self-sufficient, 365-day operation. Even in low-light conditions, they can operate for up to 30 days without a charge.

For areas that lack cellular coverage, there are optional satellite Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) that communicate how the equipment is operating.

Water Barriers

TrafFix Devices provides water-filled barriers and temporary water-wall construction barricades.

Specially designed for use in construction, perimeter safety and security, and crash barrier systems.

These construction, safety, and security water barriers are made of durable polyethylene plastic, which minimizes cracking and breaking, and are made to withstand Impact and meet safety standards.

TrafFix Devices water barriers features include:

Water-wall barriers with molded-through holes to eliminate bowing when filled with water.

Double-wall knuckle design to minimize breakage at hinge points.

Twist-lock plastic cap, tamper-resistant, corner offset drain plug with coarse buttress thread that screws in or out in only 2½ turns.

Steel connection pin that allows sections to be locked together.

Hinge design allows for a 30° pivot between sections. 8" fill hole speeds filling process.

TrafFix Devices water barriers allow for easy movement and transport, with forklift/pallet jack slots at the bottom.

Standard colors are orange/red or white, with additional colors available upon request.

Portable Message Signs

Wanco multi-line portable message signs, message boards, and arrow boards are capable of displaying multiple rows of alphanumeric characters. When you need to get information to the public, these highly legible, ultra-bright signs display your message clearly.

Unsurpassed quality, engineering and value, paired with a multitude of functions and options, make these signs perfect for a wide variety of applications, and provide versatility and great performance.

Durable powder-coat finish, custom colors available
Standard tow hitch and removable drawbar
Low power consumption and more uptime
Solar-charged deep-cycle batteries
Cooling fans overheat protection
Standard 15-amp AC charger included
Energy efficient and superior performance
Preprogrammed, custom and MUTCD graphics „
360° display rotation for optimal positioning

Multiple programming options provide flexibility for multiple applications.
Changing the message is simple, as Wanco signs feature the easiest programming in the industry. The in-cabinet controller has a 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen.

Wanco portable message signs meet NEMA TS 4-2005 Section 2 for ambient temperature, vibration, shock, electro-static discharge (ESD), and radio interference.